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Wedding Pro Jumps 20%+ in Her Booking Rate Post-Copywriting for Creatives Install


““CfC is the secret weapon you need to grow your business. It’s the first domino in a confidence-building string. Once you feel confident in your brand voice, EVERYTHING else will come so much easier as a business owner.”

The Challenge

Chelsea Bliefernicht is a photographer and videographer documenting down-to-earth, fun-loving couples who want photos and video of their actual wedding day, not a perfectly-posed version of it. Sounds fun, right? With her easy-going personality, Chelsea (naturally!) booking amazing couples for her business as a wedding professional.

However, she wasn’t vibing with the process. “The sales process felt like so much of a struggle, which made me feel like a used car salesman because I was trying to jam-pack why they should hire me in a 30 min phone call. It was always a hit-or-miss on whether or not we were a great fit—for years I had a 30-45% booking rate, which meant this introvert expelled A LOT of energy on people that lead nowhere.”

Chelsea was doing all this hustling WHILE working a corporate job. “Cue all the other introverts starting to sweat a little bit just thinking about it,” she said. Chelsea came to Ashlyn Writes (lucky us) feeling like I had to squeeze herself into some “wedding industry” mold. “You know, the kind where you’re bubbly and say things like ‘swoon’. Which, no offense to swoon-sayers, but that was NOT me.”

“Every day was a constant struggle to be someone I wasn’t because I thought that was how I had to present myself online to make money. I was too afraid to be myself because I was afraid it would turn everyone away from hiring me and I’d be stuck in the corporate world forever.

Even her past as a creative writing major wasn’t helping: “I knew I had a unique voice inside me, but every social media post, website page, and email was an internal struggle. Is this too sassy? Is this too fake? Am I too generic? Does this feel like me? How the heck do I answer this question in a bubbly way? Do I need to answer it in a bubbly way? I got a little bit of analysis paralysis so I just shut down a little bit and DIDN’T write, resulting in a horrible social media presence and a boring website + blog.”

Oh girl, you’re JUST our type.

The Solution

When Chelsea came into our world, it wasn’t her first rodeo with a copywriting crew. She’d hired another copywriter (whose website she LOVED the voice of—full of spunk that was inspiring) but was let down by what she got back— “it didn’t sound like me,” she said. “In that moment, I realized no one knew my voice like I did, so copy was something I had to craft myself.”

DING DING DING! That’s what Ashlyn teaches, because there’s no better sales person than YOU when you’re the head honcho. “When I stumbled across Ashlyn, I loved how every client Ashlyn worked with oozed their own voice. There was no cookie-cutter ‘AW’ voice forced on clients. I knew that meant Ashlyn had the key to helping me unlocking copy that felt like me, and I wanted in.”

Chelsea saddled up and put down her digits for Copywriting for Creatives, which she said “was completely worth the investment.” “Honestly, there were moments where I thought ‘ugh, why did I pay for this—Ashlyn gives away most of these tips for free and if I had tried harder, I could have pieced this together myself’ but when you switched to a monthly coaching format, it was the bit where I realized the true value in working with you. I love picking your mind, I love the support system, I love the feeling of support, friendship, and familiarity.”

“It pushes me every week to try and get sh*t done because I want to chat with you on Thursdays and pick your brain. It’s also what guilt trips me to get my goals done. I think ‘I have to stop being a perfectionist because I want to make Sarah and Ashlyn proud of me by launching my site … also I know they will lovingly judge me if I don’t!’” <<< and that’s what we’re here to do. *excuse us while we high-five like a bunch of dance moms over here*

“I’ll be honest, there are a few times I’ll look around the CfC Facebook group as a non-religious, f-bomb-droppin’ northerner and think ‘What am I doing here? I’m not Ashlyn’s ideal client.’ I could have very easily hired a copywriter who felt like a reflection of me, but a part of me was drawn to the fact that Ashlyn and I are completely different. I knew that it’d force me to think outside the box and would spark conversations.” Well Chels, we like to think that’s exactly what you did—and created a beautiful website to prove it.

The Visual

The Results

After working on her website for TWO YEARS, Chelsea’s finished, published website speaks for itself. Seriously, we’ll wait while you go click.

“And it’s working out great. On Feb 9th, I got an inquiry at 10:30 p.m. By 7 p.m. the NEXT day, I had a signed contract and retainer. The second I hopped on a call with the bride, she said ‘I legit cried when you replied and said that you were available.’ Did I mention she started out in her inquiry email saying ‘we’re on a really tight budget’ but didn’t bat an eye at my pricing? In fact, she literally told me to raise my prices (which are already above average).”

But it’s the fact that Chelsea’s dug DEEP into the curriculum, going through things multiple times, that have given her killer confidence. “There are times I sit down and think ‘okay, let’s batch write a few social media posts or add a bit to this inquiry email’ and there’s no freezing. I just write from my heart. I don’t have to stress about impressing people who aren’t a good fit.”

The templates fast-tracked her writing time as she completed her new website—“I’m someone who needs a mad-lib jumpstart. I love taking a skeleton of a form and dressing it up to be my own.”

After a turbulent 2020, Chelsea reported a 60% booking rate within the first 42 days of 2021’s Q1. “And that’s without social media or a finished website. That’s all just from the copy in my email and pricing guide, along with the confidence I have in myself during sales calls from knowing my why and coming from a place of serving my couples.”

We couldn’t be more stoked for our girl—you’re a star CfC alum and we’re proud to have you in the family, Chels!