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Work from a place of rest—not hustle.

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I've been called the OG of copywriters for creatives, wink—I hook up women with words as a launch copywriter & brand strategist. Even while raking in more than 7-figures since I've been at it, I believe working from a place of rest (not hustle) IS possible—and I want the same for you.
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Reading Time: 8 Minutes It takes me about five minutes to structure my email newsletter every week, then another 10 – 15 to bang out a first draft. In this blog, I’m diving into the 6-step email newsletter formula that has helped me not just grow my list but maintain my email list’s growth. The whole “don’t write unless […]

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Marketing Tips

How to Write Better Emails: My PROVEN Email Newsletter Formula

Reading Time: 10 Minutes Like the “you had one job” meme, your email subject line only has one job: to get people to open your emails. No pressure … right? Right. 😉 No matter where you are in email marketing, whether you’re just starting your newsletter or have a list of 60K, your email subject line is STILL the […]

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Copywriting Tips

How to Write Better Email Subject Lines

A How To Guide For Tracking Launch Metrics

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Today,  I’m showing you some of the steps to go through to run launch metrics on past launches you’ve had or any upcoming marketing campaigns you’re planning. Because finishing up a launch or a marketing campaign and having NO clue if it was good or bad or worse, feeling like it did not meet your […]

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A How-To Guide For Tracking Metrics That Matter

Copywriting mistakes you need to stop making—copywriting tips from Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

Reading Time: 15 Minutes

Today, I wanted to round up the 5 most common mistakes I see on creatives’ websites. I actually clicked around on some of my friends’ sites 5 to make sure my hunches were right, and here are the 5 I came up with.

I hope you find these helpful for a “weekend warrior” hour (or two) updating your website!

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Copywriting Tips

Never Again: 9 HUGE Copywriting Mistakes to Nix on Your Website

How to write the perfect Instagram bio- Ashlyn Writes

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Need help on how to write the perfect Instagram bio copy? Or maybe you need some Instagram bio ideas for business. I get it—that 150 character count is tight. 🙂 Today, I want to walk you through how to create the perfect Instagram bio and WHAT to put in your Instagram bio. PLUS, I’m throwing […]

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Copywriting Tips

How to write the PERFECT Instagram Bio

Reading Time: 10 Minutes How to LAUNCH Your Evergreen Products + Services // I LOVE launching … but not as much as I love sustainable marketing that works when I can’t. 🙂 You KNOW with your creative small business you need to be talking up and “launching” them (a fancy way to say make a big marketing campaign) your […]

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Copywriting Tips

How to Launch Your Evergreen Products + Services

Reading Time: 5 Minutes I have a secret—my favorite opt-in I’ve created (and I’ve made about 52 since 2016) is hands down my quiz opt-in. Not because it gets us the most leads organically but because it was the most fun to engineer and build. Which is exactly why I’m walking you through how to build an online quiz […]

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Email Marketing

How to Create an Online Quiz & Grow Your Email List

Reading Time: 9 Minutes If you’re curious about how to write a brand story, keep reading … because  like it or not, your brand’s story is already out there: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is,” Scott Cook said. So? Let’s make sure you have a […]

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Copywriting Tips

What Is a Brand Story? The ULTIMATE Guide for How to Create Yours (+ Examples)

Reading Time: 6 Minutes I’m getting a *custom* grown up website for the first time since being in business nearly 5 years (and I’m SO excited). BUT I’m pretty proud that I built an over half-million dollar a year business off a $997 Showit website template from Tonic Site Shop. I know I’ve said it recently, but I’m gonna […]

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Business Tips

5 Secrets to Choosing the Best Website Template

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Let’s talk about website copywriting. Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, “then you don’t understand it yourself,” and while he wasn’t talking about brand messaging and website copy, boy, do we tend to over-complicate things. Today, I’m walking you through the 4 pages that you definitely have to have on […]

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Copywriting Tips

How to Plan & Write Your Website Content

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