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Build a bespoke business bookshelf with my resource library

Ex Libris Ashlyn Writes:


Get yo'self paid, without the PDF'd docs you DIY (I used to do that, too) and take care of your people with easy-to-sign agreements.

For client management



No monocles or twirling mustaches here. It's super easy (and pretty) to keep all client details in one workspace, instead of inbox-capades.

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What's inside my


well, first off it's free

I always say that Trello's my work spouse: if Pinterest & Asana had a love child, this is it. Drag and drop to-do's (or files) like it's hot.

For project management


byob ("board," silly)

Stay organized by creating your own boards, and watch projects move across your screen from left to right as you slow clap for yourself for being so productive.

see why it's so great

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go-to copywriting tools

these books

the copywriter club

Created by sai adityafrom the Noun Project


sumo for tracking
stats & a/b tests

Created by AlfredoCreates.com/Iconsfrom the Noun Project


Created by Made by Madefrom the Noun Project
Created by Danny Lelieveldfrom the Noun Project


What keeps our little family running outside of the studio:


I always say Powersheets helped me quit my job. Kinda not really but actually they did. If you've ever hated setting goals before, listen, these will add a little bit of extra magic to your daily to-do's and dreams.


jen wilikin bible studies

Why read Bible studies about the Bible when we can dig straight into the meat of it all? Jen's heart for Biblical literacy has me all emoji-heart eyed—and this free podcast + free workbooks are on point. p.s. Her books are solid as well.

artifact uprising


nancy ray's photo guide

You want to knock out your family & small business’s money date in a couple of hours a week? See a how-to video on how I manage my Finance Fridays.

Because you always need to pull photos off your phone and into real life, right? This website helps print your legacy and tell your story. What else do you need? Oh yeah, coffee table worthy bindings. (They do that, too!)

This is basically Amazon Prime for those things gathering dust you never got framed. And the quality is awesome. Send away to Framebridge and ask your neighbors over to see your gallery wall in a few weeks.

Photographers know how to organize images for a reason: they get paid to do it for us. This guide is worth every cent of $29 ... really. It's showed me how to Marie Knodo my messy iPhone + iPhoto into Container Store beauty.

for entrepreneurs

I've blogged a tish-bit about books I think creative entrepreneurs should throw in their bag on airlines and beach days. Here it is.

From my nightstand to yours


leaderbox rocks

Michael Hyatt's monthly book subscription mails me two books + a reading plan each month. I love it. Try it out here, but most of them are on the book list below.  

learn how i read

peek on my shelf