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January 25, 2017

How to Write Your Very First Email Funnel

Reading time: 4 min.

So you bought ConvertKit, started a free Mailchimp account, or are just DIYing a launch. And now, you’re ready to do something beyond just send out a monthly newsletter.

First things first: I always recommend serving your audience for upwards of 5 months before kickin’ in gear with a BIG launch, but you can absolutely start off with something smaller!

How to write a sales funnel

Here’s how to write a little email funnel to your service, package, or product!

Your First Funnel School Supplies List

  • whiteboard or chalkboard
  • marker or pen
  • organizational app (Click here to read how I use Trello to organize my business!)
  • landing page (I like Leadpages the best, but ClickFunnels, ConvertKit, Squarespace, WordPress all have options for this, too!)
  • email service provider (I’m a ConvertKit girl, but Mailchimp, Aweber,  MyEmma, Infusionsoft are some others)

Step 1

Start with the end in mind. 🙂 Decide what your funnel is going to go to! It could be for your biggest photography package, your new line of calligraphy prints, your new mentorship calls, or your new logo package. Now, draw this on a whiteboard or chalkboard:

How to write a sales funnel. Read full blogpost at Ashlyn Writes

p.s. Don’t have a “product?” I *highly* recommend Tara Gentile’s Turn Your Service Into a Product course on CreativeLive. Otherwise, here are some baby steps to get you thinking in the right direction:

Crowdsource what your people want – Search in Facebook groups, ask a poll, and call 10 — yeah bud, 10 — dream clients to find out your audience’s immediate goals or biggest struggle. Copy and paste all of that into a spreadsheet … you’ll thank me later for this copy!

Step 2

Plot the customer’s journey. You’re going to be helping them as the Yoda to their Luke, so how can you give them value?

Start dreaming up the content to fill up those freebies and emails, and for this content, think of it as your portfolio showing why you’re the one for the job. If you were doling out advice on the topic they signed up for, what else could you give them? What resources could you provide? Stack it in order of value in the funnel: highest dollar value stuff goes closer to the end of the funnel!

Step 3

Build the goodies.

  • Create your freebie, download, opt-in, or whatever you wanna call it. Remember that this is something that’s in total alignment with the offer at the end of the map … don’t give me 12 Inexpensive Trader Joe’s Floral Hacks for Your DIY Wedding if you’re going to try to sell me on your $5,000 wedding planning service, get it? Your freebie should be a no-strings attached offer that builds trust!
  • Write 3-4 emails just giving more FREE value on the topic. Sprinkle in social-proof along the way, and make it actionable. Keep giving them great, free wins! Tease what’s coming next, if ya can.
  • Build out a small <$20 budget-friendly offer. This is called a tripwire, but it’s a great stair-step to a higher-priced offer! I’d recommend you ONLY offer it in your funnel … don’t put it in a shop or anything. It’ll lose its luster.
  • Make your landing pages for the freebie and tripwire. Again, I’m a LeadPages fan, because they make it so easy.
  • Write your main offer email and make sure you put that call to action button in the email so they can hop through to your sales page or contact form.
  • Then, write out the steps to your project — ’cause you’ll be doing this again one day! — in a systems management software like Asana or Trello.

Step 4

Install your mini-sequence! This kinda nerdy marketing stuff is why I went with ConvertKit when I was first starting my email list, because then, I was a one-woman show. I didn’t have time to sit there and think about when to hit “send” on an email! I wanted the sequence to auto-drip, which is just what tools like ConvertKit do.

Here’s a video from Megan Minns on installing your freebie, which is also great!

Now, sign-up for yourself (I’d sign up a couple of email addresses a few days apart, so you can test rounds of edits you install) and edit it along the way.

You are SO equipped friend — don’t be scared by the marketing lingo … it’s nothing more than writing a few emails and setting them up in a certain order!

Go get ’em, tiger!

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  1. Alexandrea Jarvis

    January 29th, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    So thankful for your sweet heart and all your amazing content – so helpful!

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