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We’re Hiring! | Executive Assistant & Staff Copywriter

Reading time: 6 min.

Whoop! Haven’t been able to say this for a minute: we’re hiring!

In 2016, I set out to point other small business owners to the fact that it IS possible to work & market from a place of rest—not 24/7 hustle.

I believe in my bones it is possible to set up sustainable marketing systems that bring in whatever “enough” looks like for YOU in a world that constantly whispers more, more, more.

I believe it not only because I’ve lived it, but after 6 years in business, we’re honored to have hundreds of client, customer, & student success stories backing it up. God has been so good.

And now? My team & I need help. Again. 😜

We’re creating two new roles on our team—Executive Assistant and Staff Copywriter—for a small business that’s poised to keep growing … and keep impacting. We exist to equip & serve women small business owners as they steward these 4 pillars: time, talent, treasure, & story.

Our tool of choice to do that? Copywriting, both through services & education. Our tiny-but-mighty employee crew is committed to our core values:

+ Work hard, rest hard. // We believe we were made in God’s image. As such? We believe ALL work is inherently creative & that we were built to need rest.

+ Stay rooted in truth. // We don’t compromise here—whether in conversion stats or honesty in sales copy. We tell ourselves, our clients, & our customers what we need to hear … not just what we want to hear.

+ Touch it, tackle it. // We work to the glory of God with all our might—and believe in the 2-minute rule. 🤩 (If it can get done in <2 min., do it then.)

+ Serve with courage & class // Even if it makes us uncomfortable, we’ll seek to solve the problem with integrity & generosity.

+ Boldly press forward. // We’re not afraid to “do it differently” or to question the narrative, because we believe in we should never stop learning (this keeps us remembering to have an “everyone knows something you don’t” attitude!).

If that resonates …

… we’d love to get the conversation started.

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, you’ll bring an extremely detail-oriented & friendly take-charge personality to the mix.

Your position will provide support & act as a liaison between Ashlyn and clients, partners, vendors, contractors, and the team. Here are some of the areas where you’ll serve as queen bee:

  • Protect Ashlyn’s time while maintaining relationships with key business contacts, partners, and clients—we love Dirk & Adler, the office German Shepherds, but need a human guardian to lasso Ashlyn’s time & commitments
  • Coordinate AW partnerships & speaking engagements, PR requests, & interviews (remote and in-person)
  • Keep our inboxes tidy and tagged – we need your careful eye, so our Customer & Community Delight Manager can do her job well & service customers
  • Managing Ashlyn’s Google calendar—scheduling, requests & meeting coordination, including ensuring all information is accurate in the calendar event and assisting in prepping necessary correspondence, reports, and materials for meetings
  • Acting as the point of contact between the business owner and persons outside the business—working closely with her to answer, draft, and handle about 60-70% of our email inboxing correspondence
  • Take accurate and comprehensive notes during internal team meetings—then assign out tasks from team meetings in Asana
  • Help Ashlyn with daily time management, Asana tasks & her projects
  • Help maintain marketing & partnerships calendar for all social channels
  • Possibly make travel arrangements and detailed travel itineraries; including flights, accommodation, and ground transportation 
  • Supporting Leadership Team Members with administrative tasks as needed

Here are some of your most important qualifications—

  1. You are detail-oriented and efficient, with well-developed organizational skills
  2. You thrive in a fast-paced, hardworking environment!
  3. You use exceptional time management skills & maintain the ability to be on a flexible schedule—somedays we never know what’s going to come up!
  4. You’ve got high standards of professionalism & discretion
  5. You’re a whiz at managing multiple projects simultaneously (while effectively prioritizing competing demands, and keeping track of other projects & their statuses)
  6. You have high-level verbal & written communications skills  – We have a tight brand voice guide and templates on templates on templates for your arsenal
  7. You have 3-7 years Customer Service or Marketing experience, or 1-3 Years Personal Assistant experience (Associate or Bachelor’s degree preferred but not necessary)
  8. You have experience with GSuite, Zoom, Voxer, Slack, FG Funnels, and Asana preferred but again not necessary—we need you to have a willingness to learn new tools!

Salary is commensurate with experience & will start at a competitive market salary.

This role is full-time, fully remote, however, due to the nature of the employment, we are only able to hire United States residents. We’ll gladly consider all time zones, but as our full-time office hours are 9-5 p.m. ET, prefer someone who is on the Eastern or Central time zone!

Please note that we will do our very best to respond to each and every applicant, but truly, TRULY appreciate your thoughtful time and consideration.

We’re looking at team members who can start in May, but we’re willing to chat logistics with the right candidate.

To apply, please click here & fill out our application.

Applications close on Saturday, April 30th at midnight ET.

Staff Copywriter

Is sales writing more your thing? We’d love for you to consider joining us as a Staff Copywriter for the AW Agency side of our business.

As a staff copywriter, you’d bring your nerdy writing acumen to the table to help us serve the client services side of things, specifically fulfilling our Brand Story & Website Copy and Launch & Funnel Copy client projects. The agency is our lab to test, tinker, and put to work the things Ashlyn teaches on YouTube and beyond. We LOVE our clients. ❤️

Here’s where we need you to push pencil dust as your main roles & responsibilities—

  • Train under our Senior Copywriter—we’re “know the rules like a pro/break ’em like an artist” people. We’d expect you to be fully versed in the Copywriting for Creatives curriculum as well as AW frameworks, methodologies, SOPs & best practices for Agency clients
  • Self-manage to meet internal deadlines with margin for questions & feedback
  • Be comfortable receiving constructive feedback, willing to learn new approaches, and change old habits if needed—we turn in our absolute best work possible for clients, and we’ve learned LOTS about what works & what doesn’t
  • Proofread & copyedit an assortment of copy for the business, AW Agency clients, and the like … you’ll get roped in to bill time giving a proof-on-demand during the week here & there
  • In time, communicate with clients via Zoom in a professional, encouraging, and insightful way—we’d need you to be comfortable hosting & conducting research calls … we do more listening than writing in these parts
  • Be organized & self-motivated—our workload does not slow for procrastination or lolly-gagging; we work hard to keep our work hours at a reasonable level (ahem, this is why we’re hiring) but we don’t have time to waste … if we said we’ll get it to a client by X date, you’d better believe we’ll do it (or else go down trying
  • First-bump others as a good team player … no client work around here is done in a vacuum

Here are some of your most important qualifications—

  • Our ideal candidate is university-educated with a background in journalism, marketing, English, or creative writing, with a strong emphasis in or passion for copywriting, grammar, communications, research, and marketing data analysis—ideally, we’d want you to become a master of the Ashlyn Writes approach to conversion copywriting & strategic sales
  • You have a robust knowledge of Google Suite (Typeform, Rev.com, Loom & Asana are a plus!)
  • You’re excited about joining a small, dynamic team, and who sees AW as a long-term home for their gifts & talents—a place where they can grow and flourish!
  • You’re ready to first & foremost develop copy for our agency client projects while managing some administrative & project management tasks in support of the senior copywriting team—we like folks to learn the ropes FULLY before we let ’em loose to interface with clients
  • You have regular availability Monday through Friday during regular business hours (we’re flexible on this—we work around kids’ schedules, too … but during business hours, we’d like to be able to at least touch base)
  • Ready to reference tacos (Margs? Sure.), a well-placed Ryan Reynolds GIF, 00s pop-culture references, and dogs—jk-but-kinda-serious: we have a brand voice & style around here, and while we chameleon to our clients when on projects, we’d expect someone to flex our voice during written client comms

Salary is commensurate with experience & will start at a competitive market salary based on project work completed.

This role is also fully-remote, ranges around 15-20 hours per week, and due to the nature of the employment, we are only able to hire United States residents. Preference given to Eastern or Central time zones—we’ve learned over the years that’s easiest, but will gladly consider all time zones!

To apply, please click here & fill out our application.

Applications close on Saturday, April 30th at midnight ET.

This is a rolling process, so we’re accepting and reviewing on a rolling basis. Thank you, thank you for your time and interest—I can’t wait to hear from y’all and meet you!

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Reading time: 6 min. Whoop! Haven’t been able to say this for a minute: we’re hiring! In 2016, I set out to point other small business owners to the fact that it IS possible to work & market from a place of rest—not 24/7 hustle. I believe in my bones it is possible to set […]


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