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Business Manager Increases ROI from Copywriting for Creatives with Double the Use

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If you need help with your messaging and feel that you need help in articulating what you really do while attracting your ideal clients, then you need CfC!”

The Challenge

Jascha Mascardo is an online business manager and expert. Her specialty is creating sustainable, efficient systems and strategies to help coaches launch and scale with ease. Specifically, Jascha has an eye for productivity hacks and is a light-speed adapter for technologies that may help other digital entrepreneurs (think ever-changing social media platforms and ClickUp, for instance). 

As she dug into targeting her ideal clients, Jascha found herself slightly stressed: “I was anxious. I didn’t want to sound like a sleazy salesman, and I had trouble trying to articulate to my ideal clients that I understand them and that I’m the best person for their business needs,” she said. “I didn’t know how to construct my messaging to my ideal clients.”

“I felt that Ashlyn understood what I was going through and from her website, work ethic, launch, and how she reached out to me when I was decided to invest in Copywriting for Creatives, I felt like she heard what I needed. I decided to go all-in!”

The Solution

Jascha jumped into the Copywriting for Creatives methodology and gave it her all as she refreshed her brand messaging and website copy with Team AW in her back pocket.

An added bonus? As she moved through the curriculum, she admitted her copywriting for her clients improved, too. WIN!

“Being an online business manager specializing in social media … many of them always say that my copy is on point. Sometimes they say they feel that they wrote the captions for social media themselves when in fact, I did!”

Jascha made sure to submit work for feedback and hop on live calls that were available to her, too. “It helped me as a student to go over the worksheets with Ashlyn’s feedback on it in real-time,” she said.

The Visual

The Results

Thanks to CfC, Jascha’s re-written her website once, been through a redesign, and used what she learned a SECOND time—that’s what we’re all for. For CfC to be work its salt, it’s our vision at AW for the program to be something you can return to again and again, no matter how your business may pivot. 

As a result, Jascha says she “definitely gained more confidence” in her writing. “I don’t spend as much time writing anymore as I used to.”

“If anything,” she continues, “overcoming my past mindset and habits when it comes to writing was the hardest part. Ashlyn does a great job at breaking things down and making sure that it was understandable for someone new in copywriting.”

Jascha, your Team AW fanclub can’t wait to see that sparkling new website as you keep serving your clients.


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