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We're followers of Jesus, and that means we seek God's plan for our family and for our business, which is an extension of our family. We believe that the Holy Bible is His inerrant Word, and we believe it's true.

We aim to give to the Lord and His work for His glory, so the organizations that we've selected are close to our hearts, and help champion the Gospel as they're started by Jesus-loving, big-hearted people. Thank you so much for your support, and helping us give to causes that we adore!

And it's not like that's easy for me to type—at the end of the day, I struggle with contentment just like anyone else! However, one of the biggest blessings of being able to work for myself is being able to steer the business funds with the help of my servant-hearted, basically-a-mathlete husband, and a whole lot of prayer. 

But ... we wouldn't have Ashlyn Writes around if God didn't first gift Ashlyn with an education and communication skills to help others, nor would we be here without His leading through a dark winter season where the seeds for AW were planted.

as trustees of it here on earth, it's privilege learn how to steward it well.

We believe that anything AW makes belongs to God by the grace of His Son, Jesus


Love, Ashlyn & Wes

After the earthquake of 2010, my home church in Montgomery was guided to a group of 16 orphaned children living in a tent in Jacmel. Based on James 1:27, Children's Hope provides foster care, adoption, and orphan support. My family has visited Jacmel for a few years now, and we are so how God has blessed CH's ministry strategy to care for the 40 children there.

Clearly language is my paintbrush of choice: I adore the French language, and getting to converse about my Savior Jesus, ask about favorite sports, and sing songs with French Creole-speaking kids.

Thanks for helping us use WORDS—through the beautiful French Creole language—to love on these children!

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Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti



Marriage didn't start out easily for us: during our engagement, I was dealing with some severe mental health issues, and three months into our fledgling marriage, I was partially hospitalized for anorexia, generalized anxiety, and depression in October of 2015. After recovery, I started my business. Eating disorders have a stereotype of being vanity's affair. Far from it: they're tied to control and perfectionism, and are more prevalent than we realize.

By God's grace, he carried us through, but our newly wed eyes flew open at every medical bill that came in: if we didn't have Wes's blessing of a new job, there would be no WAY we could have afforded the clinic and my partial hospitalization! 

Southern Smash works to educate college women around the U.S. about positive body image and ED awareness. I've had a heart for college-aged women since working for Alpha Delta Pi national sorority, traveling to 29 American universities. McCall Dempsy is a hero, and I'm so grateful to be able to give to what she's doing!

Raising collegiate, on-campus awareness for eating disorders


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