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August 22, 2016

How to Title Blog Posts: 1 Formula + 8 Go-To Templates

How to write blog titles — it’s art and science, right? Blog title length and best practices stay top o’ the pile of Google searches for blogging, and for right reasons: shoot, it’s tough! I mean, if the title isn’t interesting, the rest of the draft is dead in the water — no one will read it!

But like blog posts themselves, all ya need is a formula for your headlines. Let’s go over the formula, and then I’ll give ya 8 different template ideas to start writing today!

When blogging and writing your blog title, have a “keep it simple stupid/sweetheart” moment: literally, I want you to fill in the same formula with every. single. post. Now is not the time to get fancy and quippy — save that for your sign-off. For a title, fill in the following:


Topic – The “what” that you’re waxing poetic about.

Target – Who you’re talking to, or what you’re talking about.

Cherry on top – Give me a specific — can I do this in 6 days? Can I make more money with this? Plan my wedding faster? Have less stress? WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME!?

So that’s the formula. Ready for your examples?

Why X is the key to Y in less time

What X all Ys need to know to look like a million bucks in engagement photos

14 flowers that Xs can use to withstand summer heat

How to X for your next Y in only Z days

7 common mistakes you’ve been making as a X (that you won’t ever again!)

Best kept secrets of X for Y (that you can do TONIGHT!)

4 ways to X and turn your blog into a more profitable biz

8 ways X can Y in Z (time)

Those are some starters to get your wheels turning: See how they speak to a specific, then address the what or who, then round it out with a benefit?

Go for that formula in your next blog (and snatch these 8 examples to play MadLibs in the meantime) and see if you feel a bit more comfortable writing blog posts!

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