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Welcome to the AW blog! I hook up women with words. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and enjoy a peek behind-the-scenes of my ink stained life.
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Reading Time: 2 Minutes In today’s video, I’m tackling a question 99.9999% of my students and clients ask me: Should I list my prices on my website? Or if I am, how exactly do I do that? Spoiler alert: there isn’t ONE right way or wrong way—in this video, I’m sharing with you why you need to have your ear to the […]

Business Tips

Should I List My Prices on My Website? How to Display Pricing in Your Copy

Open Post

Reading Time: 10 Minutes I’m going there—today, I want to talk about small business investment tips that have worked for me. My friend Stacey (a side-hustling stationer buddy with a sweet day-job as a campaign manager at a major non-profit fundraising agency) and I crunched over leaves after work yesterday in sneaks on a walk around our neighborhood. “I […]

Business Tips

Where to Spend Your Money as You Build a Creative Biz: Small Business Investment Tips

Open Post

Reading Time: 8 Minutes We’ve all been at the cocktail party or family event when someone asks “now what is it that you do?” (Awkward.) Figuring out how to explain what you do for a living isn’t the easiest task in the world. Meghan C. sent in a blog request saying, “I struggle with explaining what I do without […]

Business Tips

MEGA-POST: How to Explain What You Do for a Living in 5 Steps

Open Post

Reading Time: 4 Minutes My brother-in-law and sweet NEW sister-in-law just tied the knot at Hardeman-Sams Estate in their college town of Athens, Georgia, and I was beside myself to get to work on the wedding suite! Taking on a couple of pro-bono jobs a year (usually immediate fam & bffs!) is such a gift to enjoy, and partnering […]

For Brides

Hardeman-Sams Estate in Athens, Georgia | Wedding Invitation Calligraphy | Lorrin + Wil

Open Post

Reading Time: 9 Minutes Let’s talk about creativity tips: how to get inspired, think outside the box, and “do it different(ly).” 😉 I hesitated to blog about this, but it’s been on my mind for weeks, so here goes nothing! Learning HOW to think and be creative is a part of our jobs—whether you’re a photographer, artist, floral designer, […]

Business Tips

How to Be More Creative: 18 Creativity Tips for Entrepreneurs

Open Post

Reading Time: 7 Minutes

Now, the about page is no junk drawer or utility room, so don’t go giving away TMI or your whole story: proclaim just enough to give your reader reason to feel as if he or she has met you and that you could be friends. Follow these steps you’ll be on your way to a better about page.

Business Tips

How to Write Your Website About Page: A 7-Step Checklist to Hitting Publish

Open Post

Reading Time: 5 Minutes Time for a mailbag question—let’s talk how to attract high-end clients! Mailbag inquries are my favorite. 🙂 Today’s question is from Elizabeth of Elizabeth Duncan Events (hi, Elizabeth!), who asks: “The question I’m tossing around in my head is about making very nuanced shifts in my messaging and client interactions to ensure I’m attracting the […]

Business Tips

How to Attract High-End Clients with Better Copy & Messaging

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes The first time I learned about how to create a welcome packets, my clientele looked a *little* different than it does now. 😉 I was a traveling consultant for a collegiate-based women’s organization. I lived out of 2 suitcases and 1 carry-on for a year, and it was my job to communicate with the chapters […]

Business Tips

How to Create a Welcome Packet: Copy to Include (and Omit)

Open Post

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

I lean on templates like WHOA: I’m a one-woman show. I don’t say “we” in my marketing. Because, well, my German Shepherds don’t count. It’s honestly just me, and I’m quite passionate about sticking to a normal work schedule.

To do that, I have to have “pretend secretaries.”

The easiest? Templates.

Business Tips

4 Types of Templates for Stationers & Calligraphers (+ My Calligraphy Contract Template!)

Open Post

Reading Time: 2 Minutes In today’s video, I’m bringing you one of my most-asked questions: how to write captions for Instagram. Ohhh, Instagram, right? As creative entrepreneurs, we get a lot of business through the app, but at the same time, I’m always first to raise my hand and remind you it IS possible to build a successful, super-profitable business […]

Business Tips

How to Write Captions for Instagram: 3 Ways to Write Better Copy Today

Open Post

Welcome to the AW blog! I hook up women with words. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and enjoy a peek behind-the-scenes of my ink stained life. 



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