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I hook up women with words as a conversion copywriter and launch strategist. Even while raking in more than 7-figures since I've been at it, I believe working from a place of rest (not hustle) IS possible—and I want the same for you.
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Reading Time: 6 Minutes Your market research and voice of customer data is your secret weapon when it comes to writing copy that converts—but, it can also be an absolute bear to organize in a way that comes in handy when it’s time to start writing … especially if you have a large amount of it. So … how […]

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Business Tips

4 Ways to Easily Organize Your Market Research

Reading Time: 6 Minutes I’ve never done this before! But, why not. Today, I’m going behind the scenes of my latest launch and bringing you a teardown of what went well—and what I’ll do differently next time     One of my mastermind sisters, Emma, reminded me that launching is essentially like the hype build-up before Harry Potter movies […]

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Business Tips

Behind the Scenes: My biggest takeaways from our latest launch

Reading Time: 6 Minutes “Funnel.” It’s uh, kinda a sexy word in marketing these days. Amen? But … what if I told you there’s one sales funnel I’d tell you to put in place as you kick your creative business into gear? Or, one sales funnel that—even if you’ve already got it locked-and-loaded, you need to be taking a […]

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Copywriting Tips

The Most Important Email Funnel Your Business Needs

Reading Time: 11 Minutes Your website is the front door to your digital digs, your calling card on the internet, the hand you outstretch to shake a new friends’: And for you, I want it to feel like the most comfy-cozy resting spot in your whole house. Today, I wanted to round up the 5 most common mistakes I […]

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Marketing Tips

Top 5 Copywriting Mistakes You’re Making (+ Surprising Makeovers to Fix Them)

Reading Time: 6 Minutes   I *almost* wanted to call this article about editing your copy “you’re a better writer than you think.” BUT I figured despite my vote of confidence, there’s someone out there who isn’t a better writer than she thinks. So, by default, just know you likely have my fist-bump injection of confidence. 😉 While I […]

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Email Marketing

Elevate the Quality of Your Content: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Editing Your Copy 101

Reading Time: 9 Minutes

Here are the 28 templates to have in your arsenal to keep your tone and voice tight and on the money, friend.

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Marketing Tips

How I Wrote 36 Canned Email Templates in One Day: Why They Keep Your Brand Voice Consistent

Reading Time: 7 Minutes What can you do to finally get over that fear, write better newsletters, and be confident that your audience and readers are going to soak up all the great content that you have for them? Today, I want to give you 5 ways you can write better newsletters for your creative business. Hang out in […]

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Copywriting Tips

Write Better Newsletters: 5 Ways to Get People to Read Your Emails

Reading Time: 1 Minute Have you ever had an email subscriber hop on your list … just to grab the freebie and peace out once you send a weekly newsletter? Yup, it happens to us all. Which stinks, because you’re just burning the midnight oil to build your list for your upcoming pitch or offer, and it just stays […]

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Copywriting Tips

3 Things to Consider Before You Write Your Welcome Sequence

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Well, as a copywriter, my goal is to talk to your tribe slash those interested in your services … not trick a robot (or yourself) into a big number on your email marketing account.

There’s on thing-you-need-to-do-for-an-engaged list that isn’t spoken of quite so often.

Cleaning uninterested people off your email list! Here’s how.

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Marketing Tips

6 Steps to Clean Up Your Email List Subscribers

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

So you bought ConvertKit, started a free Mailchimp account, or are just DIYing a launch. And now, you’re ready to do something beyond just send out a monthly newsletter.

First things first: I always recommend serving your audience for upwards of 5 months before kickin’ in gear with a BIG launch, but you can absolutely start off with something smaller!

Here’s how to write a little email funnel to your service, package, or product!

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Marketing Tips

How to Write Your Very First Email Funnel

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