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I hook up women with words as a conversion copywriter and launch strategist. Even while raking in more than 7-figures since I've been at it, I believe working from a place of rest (not hustle) IS possible—and I want the same for you.
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Reading Time: 9 Minutes Whoop! It’s holiday season—which, if you’re like me, means clocking a few hours with your laptop in front of the cozy fireplace with a seasonal candle … in lieu of your desk. I did this last year, and thought it’d be fun again to do a gift guide for bosses and entrepreneurs. Sure, some of […]

Business Tips

Holiday 2018: The Ultimate Creative Entrepreneur Gift Guide

Open Post

Reading Time: 4 Minutes This post first ran on my client Think Creative Collective’s website. Click here to listen to my podcast episode with them on the Strategy Hour Podcast! When it comes to drafting up your copy for a Facebook ad, you can’t just one-and-done apply the copywriting techniques you’d use for Google ads, or the copywriting techniques you’d […]

Marketing Tips

3 Facebook Ad Copy Tips to Get You Started Copywriting

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes

Becoming a copywriter for SEO is one of the healthiest things you can DIY as a creative entrepreneur. But what SEO tips and tricks actually work?

I got you. Here are the 6 copywriter-approved tips to write with SEO in mind today!

Marketing Tips

How to Write Copy with SEO in Mind

Open Post

Reading Time: 8 Minutes

You’ll learn:

  • Why headlines are step 1 in getting clients toward your checkout line
  • 3 call-to-action copy formulas to use on your website so you can get more click-throughs
  • What a client journey is, and how to write targeted copy to address it
  • How to use scarcity to ramp up your sales

My goal is for you to prepped to go-get-‘em-tiger and make money-generating messaging tweaks to your website copy after you read this.

Marketing Tips

How to Make More Money with Better Website Copy

Open Post

Reading Time: 9 Minutes

Figuring out how to choose the best name for your business is a mind-game, amiright? And oh, the pressure: this is your cornerstone that lines everything up, or has it feeling shifty 4lyfe. Here are the 9 copywriting tips I have to getting it done.

Copywriting Tips

How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Business

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts,” Anne Lamont declares in Bird by Bird. When composing your website copy feels more akin to hacking away at keys than blissful copywriting, that sure is a helpful line to remember. That, and the real secret to better website copy. The secret? Non-visual storytelling matters. Today, […]

Copywriting Tips

The #1 Secret to Better Website Copy: How to Weave in Storytelling Well

Open Post

Reading Time: 2 Minutes Are you attracting your ideal clients? Are you really standing out to them as the go-to person for them …. or are you fighting to stand out from your competitors? Two very important things to help you stand out and attract your ideal clients are often forgotten and neglected: brand voice and (how that mixes with) […]

Copywriting Tips

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast Interview | How Copywriting Can Help You Book More Weddings

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes

Core values may be my very favorite part of the branding process! They’re the canvas for all the brand painting you’ll do. But how do you pull them together, and what do they look like? Taking a page from Einstein’s “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” quote, mine are easy-peasy, and I’d love to teach you five steps to write your own.

Marketing Tips

Honing in on Your Why: How to Write Core Values for Your Business in 5 Steps

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes

I hear from a lot of my clients and students that you want to be more client-focused in your copywriting. So, today I want to give you 88 client-focused words that you can start using in your copywriting that help convert!

Let’s hit it.

Copywriting Tips

Why Sales Copy Isn’t a Dirty Word: 88 Words To Increase Conversions on Your Sales Page

Open Post

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Figuring out how to write headlines that sell (or subheadlines) for a homepage isn’t the easiest of tasks. Today, we’re going to dig into some more helpful copywriting tools—last week, I posted a video of 5 mistakes you’re making on your website, asked for ideas of what to cover next, and this seemed like a […]

Copywriting Tips

How To Write Headlines That Sell on Your Homepage

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