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Welcome to the AW blog! I hook up women with words. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and enjoy a peek behind-the-scenes of my ink stained life.
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Reading Time: 6 Minutes

I hear from a lot of my clients and students that you want to be more client-focused in your copywriting. So, today I want to give you 88 client-focused words that you can start using in your copywriting that help convert!

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Business Tips

Why Sales Copy Isn’t a Dirty Word: 88 Words To Increase Conversions on Your Sales Page

Open Post

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Figuring out how to write headlines that sell (or subheadlines) for a homepage isn’t the easiest of tasks. Today, we’re going to dig into some more helpful copywriting tools—last week, I posted a video of 5 mistakes you’re making on your website, asked for ideas of what to cover next, and this seemed like a […]

Copywriting Tips

How To Write Headlines That Sell on Your Homepage

Open Post

Reading Time: 7 Minutes This first appeared in ConvertKit’s Tradecraft digital magazine. Click here to start your 30 day FREE trial of ConvertKit! Breathe in, breathe out. Did you smell that? Nope, not the essential oils vapor that’s all up around my computer (which I’m sure is super great for the hardware). That’s the smell of 19,387 online entrepreneurs […]

Business Tips

How to Portray Your Value with 3 Copy Hacks (Even If You’re Just Starting Out)

Open Post

Reading Time: 11 Minutes Your website is the front door to your digital digs, your calling card on the internet, the hand you outstretch to shake a new friends’: And for you, I want it to feel like the most comfy-cozy resting spot in your whole house. Today, I wanted to round up the 5 most common mistakes I […]

Business Tips

Top 5 Copywriting Mistakes You’re Making (+ Surprising Makeovers to Fix Them)

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes   I *almost* wanted to call this article about editing your copy “you’re a better writer than you think.” BUT I figured despite my vote of confidence, there’s someone out there who isn’t a better writer than she thinks. So, by default, just know you likely have my fist-bump injection of confidence. 😉 While I […]

Business Tips

Elevate the Quality of Your Content: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Editing Your Copy 101

Open Post

Reading Time: 8 Minutes We’ve all been at the cocktail party or family event when someone asks “now what is it that you do?” (Awkward.) Figuring out how to explain what you do for a living isn’t the easiest task in the world. Meghan C. sent in a blog request saying, “I struggle with explaining what I do without […]

Business Tips

MEGA-POST: How to Explain What You Do for a Living in 5 Steps

Open Post

Reading Time: 11 Minutes Well, we did it: we took our THIRD sabbatical together in our marriage and in my business, which is almost the same age. 😉 I’m unpacking a bit on how I go about planning for a sabbatical, but the big reason for this post was to get our pics up and have somewhere to you […]

Business Tips

Behind the Scenes of our Annual Sabbatical: 2018 is in the Books!

Open Post

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Powersheets review time again! If you noticed, I skipped my August video … … because I was on SABBATICAL! One of my very favorite months of the year and annual traditions of our (now) three-year-old marriage. Each fresh start of the month, I’ll be telling you an update on my goals, and including what went […]

Goal Setting

Powersheets Progress: August Recap & September Goals

Open Post

Reading Time: 7 Minutes “Ashlyn, when do you know its time to hire an assistant? How much were you making on your own before you brought in help?” You asked, and I’m answering. This topic makes me so happy! So, you know that I like to talk about sales copy as a copywriter, and how to leverage your words to […]

Business Tips

5 Ways to Get Ready to Hire an Assistant

Open Post

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Let’s talk about how to write a pitch email! This video & post is dedicated to the decade of chronologically organized magazines I had neatly sorted under my bed …. until my parents made me throw them all away when I moved out. RIP. ANYWAY. You may be interested in securing a guest post, a […]

Business Tips

How to Write a Pitch Email for Your Creative Business

Open Post

Welcome to the AW blog! I hook up women with words. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and enjoy a peek behind-the-scenes of my ink stained life. 



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