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I hook up women with words as a conversion copywriter and launch strategist. Even while raking in more than 7-figures since I've been at it, I believe working from a place of rest (not hustle) IS possible—and I want the same for you.
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Reading Time: 6 Minutes Had to shake out my nerves to share some of this! As a copywriter, I write marketing words that has made other creatives and businesses (and my own) a lot of sales … …yet I’ve made SO MANY mistakes along the way. Y’all have been asking for more behind the scenes/messy stuff, so let’s do […]

Copywriting Tips

4 Website Copywriting Mistakes You Need to Stop Now

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Were we the only family that used to put on VHS tapes on weekend nights and giggle through birthday parties, Mariah Carey choreographed routines, and 90s life?? SURELY not. I even remember sitting on the carpet in the family room, opening the entertainment center cabinet door, and flipping through my own baby book and old […]


Documenting My Baby’s Life Offline: A Review of the Simplified Baby Book

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Do you want to knock out your small business’s money date in a couple of hours a week? This one’s for you … c’mon and run through the glitter tunnel because I’m unveiling each step of my beloved Finance Friday workflow. I hashtag it in my head when I say it, so—#FinanceFriday. There, I fixed […]

Business Tips

#FinanceFridays: My Weekly Financial Workflow (+ the 6 Business Financial Tasks I Do Monthly)

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Reading Time: 10 Minutes The hardest thing I did was birth a human. The second thing I did was birth a business. The third hardest was putting my money where my mouth was, walk away from the artificial firstborn for the human firstborn, and trust it didn’t mean I was losing myself, but simply transforming. Maternity leave is a […]


John Talmadge’s Birth Story

Open Post

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Awwwwww, yeah outsourcing. Here in this day and time, we have the most workaholic culture in the history of the world. As a Christ-follower, my constant lesson is how Jesus’ unhurried pace stands in stark contrast to our twenty-first-century pace. Part of that for me is learning that B+ work is good enough. That plenty of […]

Business Tips

8 Ways I Outsource my Life as a Creative Small Business Owner

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Reading Time: 6 Minutes “Funnel.” It’s uh, kinda a sexy word in marketing these days. Amen? But … what if I told you there’s one sales funnel I’d tell you to put in place as you kick your creative business into gear? Or, one sales funnel that—even if you’ve already got it locked-and-loaded, you need to be taking a […]

Copywriting Tips

The Most Important Email Funnel Your Business Needs

Open Post

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Only 7% of people say they’re productive—I know I sure wasn’t! Today, I’m handing over some key supplies to your work from home journey: 7 things no one told me about working from home! Shifting to working from home—and working for myself—was magical. I’m the first to wax poetic about working in a corporate setting, […]

Business Tips

What No One Tells You About Working from Home

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Reading Time: 2 Minutes It is time to talk about showing up on camera. This is a tutorial that’s been requested, so let’s hop to it with a how-to for upping your camera confidence … … and how to getting started on YouTube, from my very own YouTube manager over here in my copywriting business! I’m always jazzed to […]

Business Tips

10 Things To Do If You Want to Start a You Tube Channel

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Reading Time: 5 Minutes When do you find time to do all those “one-day” ideas on your list? I’ve found that downtime or offseason is a GREAT time for these—as long as you think they’re also fun! We talk a lot over here about taking time to rest or take that sabbatical—and enjoy your downtime. But some of us […]

Business Tips

6 Things to Do During Your Downtime or Offseason

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Reading Time: 8 Minutes Today, I’m sharing my review of HoneyBook—the client relationship management tool I’ve used since 2016! This little workhorse tool has helped me collect nearly $250K in my small business over the past 2.5 years. I tried loads of systems to streamline accounting and client workflow the first few months after I quit my corporate job. I’d been serving brides for years […]


5 Tips to Get Started with Honeybook

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